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Renaissance International School of Egypt


As a parent, you want to be supported, advised and guided towards the very best education for your child which is why, at RISE International School, we work in partnership with our parents to achieve this. At our core, we successfully manage to blend the highest quality, rigorous British education through the Cambridge Curriculum, within a learning environment that is positive, constructive and a happy place to spend your day. We want to serve our pupils and their parents to our best abilities and use our expertise to deliver the very best of British education to Egyptian’s families as well as expatriates.

Located in the heart of El-Sherouk City, RISE International School of Egypt, offers a full British curriculum, adapted and extended to meet the needs of our Egyptian students. We have trained and qualified teachers delivering Cambridge Curriculum Framework for our students in FS, Primary, Lower Secondary and IGCSE.

Our purpose-built campus features a wide range of facilities, including specialist science and art/music facilities with both Primary and higher grades library learning centres and a fully equipped ICT suite.

We respect and invest time developing an understanding among our students of the cultures and languages, but spanning this international diversity, our foundations are set in a strong British ethos.

Nothing beats seeing us in reality thus we always encourage interested parents and visitors to make an appointment to enable the team to show you around the school and see us in action.

RISE is a lovely school, both aesthetically and in the warm friendly atmosphere that invades the corridors and classrooms. Children and teachers love working here. New pupils quickly settle down, welcomed by their peers and mentored by caring and skilled teachers.

Our school is enviably one of the best located in El-Sherouk City. Being relatively small compared to some of the very large schools, we can also guarantee that your child will be known by all, have a curriculum that matches his/her individual needs, have full use of all our excellent facilities and have far more opportunities due to less competition from peers –  this is what we aim for our students.

We know your child is special and we know that you have the highest aspirations for his/her happiness and future success. RISE’s students will be the leaders of tomorrow, global citizens and will attend world class universities and it is our aspiration to enable them to achieve that.

RISE team would like to welcome all current and prospective parents to our school website.


Our mission at RISE is to enable all learners' access to learning through the Cambridge traditions provision of:

  • Imagination to come up with solutions which solve their dilemmas by working in teams;
  • Respecting everyone’s opinion and sharing knowledge;
  • Ultimately enhancing their knowledge and elevating their own character;
  • Interactive modern and computerised ways of teaching and learning;
  • Highly effective teachers, focused on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration;
  • A quality inclusive learning environment that is responsive to student voice.


To deliver to society, highly qualified graduates who maintain personal growth and strive for academic excellence through high quality automated education


  • Critical thinking and problem solving – We truly believe our students should think clearly and rationally about what they do with the information they find and the knowledge they gain. We want them to actively listen, research, communicate and come up with solutions to any issues they face.
  • Character building – We value a well-shaped human being; therefore our teachers will do their best to help learners develop not only academically, but also good manners and values. We hope kids will learn how to make thoughtful, caring and moral decisions.
  • Embracing diversity and accepting others – We are committed to respecting individual, cultural and religious differences. We believe in respecting human dignity and helping each one of our students make the right choices.
  • Creativity – In the 21st century, creativity is the key to development, information is no longer enough. Students need to experiment, explore, question everything around them; our school has set this as a priority and we encourage children to express their vision freely.
  • Team-work – Working in groups is a valuable thing and each member of the team will certainly benefit from shared knowledge and efforts, eventually enhancing their own potential.

Quick Facts

This is RISE International School at a glance.

Our international school in El-Sherouk was founded in 2019.

We have students from Foundation Stage to Year 12. Find out more about the students at our school.

Our innovative 6200 m2 purpose built campus for 651 students is located at Renaissance International School of Egypt (RISE), Second Quarter, Neighboring K2 – El Sherouk City- Cairo

The school day is from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Early drop-off is available from 7:15am.

What makes RISE education special?

We want every child to achieve more than they may have thought possible. This is how our school makes this a reality.

We are driven by one unifying philosophy: we are ambitious for our school, students, teachers, staff and community and we inspire every child who attends RISE Education school to achieve more than they have ever imagined possible.

Small class sizes (21 students per class) mean our teachers know every child individually and can respond to your child’s strengths, adapting our learning model to help them overcome challenges. We nurture essential skills to equip your child to succeed in every aspect of their education.

We know great teachers make a difference in your child’s success at school. That’s why we have developed a unique approach to teachers’ recruitment, training and support that ensures your child learns from the best.

Being one of the nearest schools in the central location of El-Sherouk  City makes us be the perfect choice for those families living in El-Sherouk and the other communities surrounding it.

A safe and secure campus well set back from the road in open space and closed special gate for Early Years Foundation Stage kids.

Purpose built building with state of the art classrooms, premier sporting facilities indoor and outdoor multifunctional play areas.

RISE is accredited by Cambridge International Examination Body to deliver their programmes and qualifications. Therefore, our school is fully supported by Cambridge in terms of curriculum, professional development and resources for classrooms.


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