RISE is a private school which will ultimately provide a broad and balanced curriculum for students from Foundation to Secondary School. The Curriculum is inclusive and meets students’ diverse needs. The curriculum is planned to make learning enjoyable and relevant not only for their life now but to equip them with the skills needed to contribute to life after school.

The school follows the Cambridge International Curriculum (CIE) for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science; and the National Curriculum of England for the non-core subjects which include History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages (French), Computing, Design & Technology (DT), Computing (ICT), Music, Physical Education (PE), and Citizenship. We follow the statutory curriculum of the Ministry of Education for Arabic, Islamic Education and Arabic Social Studies.

Planning for the core subjects follows the scope and sequence as set out in the Cambridge Curriculum framework. The units in the framework are not restrictive as such but serve as a guide to teachers. 

The Foundation Phase follows the statutory revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which has provided the needs of our younger learners to build their personal, social and emotional skills alongside their skills of playing and exploring, active learning and critical thinking.

Programs for physical education, citizenship, music, computing, design and technology, ensure that students are given opportunities to develop all rounded skills and an awareness of their multiple intelligence.

Students sit for Cambridge Checkpoint examinations at the end of Year 6 and these offer an internationally benchmarked indication of progress in English, Mathematics and Science.

In the Middle School, students go on with their journey towards higher learning and greater independence, gearing up to take their Checkpoint and pre-IG examinations in Years 8 and 9 respectively.

Year 10 sees our students progress to the High School phase where they partake their IGCSE examinations. Those who wish to continue, go on to sit for A and AS levels. RISE is registered with the British Council, and students are able to sit their senior examinations through Cambridge and the opportunities which RISE  offers enable our diligent students to earn qualifications that can afford them entry into top international tertiary learning institutions.

School Phases

The curriculum is organised in phases according to the Cambridge International Curriculum (CIE):

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS): FS1 and FS2
Key Stage 1 (KS1): Years 1 and 2
Key Stage 2 (KS2): Years 3 to 6
Key Stage 3 (KS3): Years 7 to 9
Key Stage 4 (KS4): Years 10 to 12


The curriculum has a very clear rationale aligned to the school and Cambridge visions. It is relevant, comprehensive, and promotes innovation and challenge. It is highly effective in developing a balance of knowledge, skills and understanding while fulfilling all the requirements of the school’s authorized / licensed curriculum and the national statutory requirements.


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