The School Trust Committee determines the aims and overall strategic direction of The RISE International School. In conjunction with Principals, it sets and reviews the policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils.

Trust committee members:

  • Dr.Abdelhamid Abed - Phd. in Computer Engineering- Chairman
  • Prof.Abdel Moneim Shamah - Phd. in Physics- Vice Chairman
  • Prof.Mahmoud Mahfouz - Phd. in Chemistry
  • Dr.Mahasen Kamal - Phd. in Telecommunications
  • Prof.Rania Shamah - Phd. in Business Administration
  • Prof.Wadad Aly - Phd. in Maths
  • Mr. Yehia Meziad - Principal of Millenium Language School
  • Eng. Reem Marouf - Msc. Engineering

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