Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy

1. Purpose

RISE acknowledges and accepts that the health, safety and welfare of all students, staff, parents and service providers as being of paramount importance. In order to deliver best in class health and safety standards, the school has developed a robust and compliant health and safety management system, defining clear roles and responsibilities for all the stakeholders, starting from the Senior Leadership Team, teachers, students, visitors, head of health and safety operations and continuing with the school doctor and science lab technician.

Here are the duties of the main stakeholders of the school who play an important role in keeping our pupils safe during the school day.

The School Principal will:

  • Make sure that all teaching staff and students are fully aware of and comply with all health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Consult with staff as necessary on matters of health and safety which may affect them at work.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the management of health and safety by:
  •     → Setting a good example to others.
        → Promoting good practice.
        → Identifying health and safety problems and rectifying them if possible.
        → Challenging poor health and safety performance or attitudes.
        → Communicating regularly about health and safety.
        → Understanding and owning the plans in place for health and safety as part of the overall school planning process, monitoring progress in          these areas and advising planners of the results or any deficiencies.

Heads of Departments and Lead Teachers will:

  • Safeguard the protection of their staff and pupils within their work area by ensuring staff receive necessary training and supervision.
  • Be responsible for the safety of equipment, materials and systems of work by setting up arrangements for regular inspection.
  • Make arrangements for cover of staff with key safety responsibilities.
  • Monitor health and safety practice in science throughout the school.

Classroom Teachers will:

  • Look after all children’s safety under their charge by effectively supervising their activities.
  • Carry out emergency procedures in respect of fire, emergency evacuation, security, first aid.
  • Observe all safety procedures and instructions.

All Students will:

  • Comply with school rules and procedures.
  • Take reasonable care of themselves and others.
  • Co-operate with their teachers and other school staff.
  • Not misuse anything provided for the purposes of health and safety.
  • Report anything they believe to be hazardous or dangerous to their Teacher/ Head of Key Stage/ School Principal/ School Director or any other adult that is near.

Visitors will:

  • Report to Reception where a signing-in system is in operation.
  • Regular visitors and other users of the premises, for example, contractors and delivery persons, are required to observe the safety rules of the school.
  • Contractors working within the school premises will be made aware of the health and safety arrangements applicable to them by the Premises Manager.
  • Visitors should wear a suitable visitors badge when on the premises.

Apart from defining the obligations of each one involved in the safety across the school, various other aspects of health and safety have been taken into consideration and are stated in the policy:

  • Accidents and incidents reporting;
  • Administration of medicines;
  • Control of hazardous substances;
  • Safety in relation to the school facilities;
  • Fire safety and evacuation of the building;
  • First aid provision;
  • Equipment manual handling;
  • Safety related to the playground equipment;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Student safeguarding;
  • Student supervision;
  • Transport safety;
  • Violence at work;
  • Working at heights;

The current policy is to be updated regularly and all our staff trained on it. Every single person who has health and safety responsibilities must be aware of what the policy states and, in case they need it, should be able to act accordingly.

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