Language Policy

Language Policy

Language is a platform which empowers students to be international communicators. Success in language highly relates to success in learning and understanding both of self and others. It associates with the development of cognitive capabilities and promotes diverse thinking. The ability to communicate effectively in more than one language provides students with the opportunities and tools to fulfil their potential. Therefore, RISE believes in providing students with such opportunities for language development to foster multiculturalism and inculcate values of multilingualism in order to help them become open-minded men and women who, while having their place in the world, will be able to face its evolutions and its global competition.

Guiding Principles

The working language of the School is English. The curriculum is delivered in English, outside of specific language lessons, and communication with staff, pupils, parents, the wider community and external organisations is predominantly carried out in English.

RISE recognises the need for Arabic to be used in some areas of the organisation, such as communication with local agencies, government departments and in communication with support staff.

However, the expectation is that all staff and pupils will communicate in English. This promotes inclusion within the pupil body.

The following points summarise the guiding principles :

  • British English spelling is used for all formal written documentation 
  • RISE believes in the preservation, maintenance and development of mother tongue (Arabic)
  • Students will be given a choice of at least 1 foreign language (not including English and Arabic) upon  admission
  • All teachers are considered language teachers.

The four key linguistic skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) form the basis of communication   in all areas of the curriculum. As such, all teachers are language teachers within their classroom. It is the responsibility of all staff to support pupils in the development of the four key skills.

Languages offered 

The languages offered at RISE are: 

  • English (Compulsory)
  • Arabic: (Compulsory except for students who obtain exemptions from the MOE)
  • Italian: (Choice)
  • French: (Choice)
  • German: (Choice)


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