Primary Curriculum

Primary Curriculum

In the Primary School, our learning programme is centered around each student discovering who they are and their place in the world, both as a learner and as an individual.

We believe the experiences learners have in Primary School should be centred around developing curiosity, exploring the world through play and should be relevant and based in the real world. Student learning should support meaningful interactions with their peers and adults. 

The Primary School follows a holistic, inquiry-based approach to learning. The Primary learning programme is designed to ensure our students feel supported, challenged, and inspired as well as to provide ample opportunities to discover who they are and how they learn. Students learn to value the role they play in the learning process by reflecting on their progress and setting their learning targets with the guidance of our Leader Learner Profile. Students are supported as they develop their self-esteem by embracing both success and failure as a pathway to learning. Effort and engagement are valued and nurtured as we provide opportunities for all students to succeed.  

We utilize the following respected curriculum to ensure our students’ diverse needs are met and their personal experiences are recognized and respected.  


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